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Window Cleaning Equipment

Window Squeegees Squeegee Rubber & Accessories Washers & Accessories Scrapers Glass Cleaning Clothes Buckets Kits Accessories

Window Squeegees

S Squeegee Handle
Quick and simple channel change with S spring,
Fits on telescopic pole.
ErgoTech Squeegee Handle
Fits securely to pole with Locking Cone,
Compatible with S-Channel and S-Channel Plus.
Ergo Handle Extension
Offers additional reach for safer cleaning without ladders,
Fits to all cone tools.
Pro Squeegee
Stainless steel squeegee with rubber coating,
Complete with S-Channel.
Ergo-Tech Squeegee
Stainless steel squeegee with bi-component handle.

Squeegee Rubber & Accessories

Pro Squeegee Rubber
25 rubbers per slide box, Professional quality soft or hard.
Stainless steel channel with variable positioning options,
Complete with hard or soft rubber.
S-Channel Plus
Curved Ends support rubber at edges for improved close-to-frame cleaning,
Variable Positioning,
Notched edges for secure hold of channel and rubber.

Washers & Accessories

StripWasher Monsoon Strip
Complete washer with blended extra long fibre sleeve.
StripWasher Original
Complete washer with blended fabric sleeve.
ErgoTec Washer T-Bar
Durable plastic T-Bar with ergonomic bi-component handle.
StripWasher Aluminium T-Bar
Lightweight Solid Aluminium with plastic handle.
StripWasher original sleeve
Blended fabric standard sleeve with velcro fastener.
OptiLoc 2 Sections
Telescopic Pole with ErgoTec Locking Cone.


ErgoTec Glass Scraper
Large surface blade with ergonomic bi-component handle.
Spare blades: TR100 (10cm) & TR150 (15cm)
Premium Glass Scraper Blades 10+15CM
Ideal for daily site glass clean up: Paint, Decals, Tape, Heavy Soil/Debris and Construction clean up.
Trim 10+1
Glass scraper in stainless steel holder. 10 Blades.
ErgoTec Safety Scraper
Ergonomic safety scraper with safety mechanism.
Mini Scraper
Handy plastic scraper with special locking mechanism.
Carbon Glass Scraper Blades 4CM

Glass Cleaning Cloths

Microfibre cloth for glass and frames.
Microwipe Lite
Microfibre cloth with great value.


28Litre Bucket
Large bucket for glass cleaning.
18Litre Bucket
Bucket for glass cleaning.


ErgoTec Set
Starter kit with all essential window cleaning tools.
Pro Glass Cleaning Set
Starter kit with all essential window cleaning tools.


Bucket On A Belt
Holder for squeegee, washer and scraper.
ErgoTec Locking Cone
Securely locks tools on the telescopic pole.
Thread Adapter for Alu-Poles
Anodized aluminium adapter for fitting the padholder to alu-poles.
Angle Joint
Freely adjustable angle allows access to hard-to-reach areas.
Tool Holder
Ideal for paint rollers, scrapers and other tools with handle.
Fixi System
Innovative cleaning system, ideal for cleaning large and high surfaces such as boats and vehicles.
Stripwasher Sleeve
Machine washable sleeve for Unger Stripwasher.
Rubber Cleaning Sponge
Optimal for fire damages, dry sponge absorbs dust and soot particles.