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Safety Equipment

Floor Signs Door Signs Cones Barriers

Wet Floor Signs

Wet Floor Sign
>Sizes Available: 62cm X 30cm | 66cm X 25cm
High Visibility Sign
Height: 94cm (37"), Width: 30.5cm (12")

Door Frame Signs

Hanging 'Closed For Cleaning' Door Safety Sign
Suits door width from 70cm to 90cm,
Rubber cap ends provide grip and frame protection.


Stackable 'CAUTION' Cone
Height: 46cm (18")
Multilingual Safety Cone
Standard Cone: Height: 67.5cm, Width: 28cm X 28cm
Large Cone: Height: 91cm, Width: 32cm X 32cm


Barrier System
Height: 90cm, Width-Fully Extended: 178cm, Width-Closed: 44cm