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AntiBac & MultiPurpose Glass & Hard Surfaces Laundry & Fabrics Furniture & Carpets Air Fresheners

AntiBac & Multipurpose

Removes dirt, grime and germs from hygiene sensitive hard surfaces. Kills 99.9% of bacteria.
Power Bactericidal
A powerful, multi-purpose, odourless sanitiser cleaner and degreaser for the effective removal of most soils and grease.
Oxivir Cleaner & Disinfectant
Hospital Grade Disinfectant.
Kills MRSA, VRE, Norovirus & Canine Parvovirus
Exen Multipurpose
A fast acting everyday hard surface cleaner that is effective with a light spray and wipe application using either a soft cloth or paper towel
Suma Multi D2
Moderately alkaline, non-solvent, multipurpose hard surface cleaner.

Glass & Hard Surfaces

Glass & Mirror
Cleans glass, mirrors, stainless steel, mchrome and other hard surfaces to a streak free shine wilst quickly removing atmospheric dirt and dust.
A professional glass, mirror and hard surface cleaner. Phosphate free.
Multi Purpose
A fast acting everyday hard surface cleaner that is effective with a light spray and wipe application using either a soft cloth or paper towel. Leave for a short period before wiping.
Degragerm Surface Cleaner
Highly innovative dosing system supporting all your daily needs for cleaning floors and hard surfaces.
Sprint 200 Glass/Hard Surface Cleaner
Highly concentrated, alcohol-based daily cleaner that leaves a streak free shine on all water resistant hard surfaces
Suma Rapid D6
Multi-purpose cleaner for glass, ceramics,m tiles, mirrors and windows.
Mr. Muscle Window & Glass
5 in 1 window & glass cleaner leaving surfaces with a streak free shine.
Multi-surface cleaner concentrated for glass and water resistant hard surfaces.
For use with JohnsonDiversey Divermite Dispenser.
CIF Professional Wood Polish
Ready to use, no dilution required. Spray onto surface and wipe at once.
Do Not use on floors or baths as this can make them slippery.
Norsan Supreme
A professional liquid furniture polish and hard surface cleaner
With special compounds and formulated to cut through stubborn marks, smoke film, dust, grease and grime to leave a sparkling and smear free finish.
TASKI Sprint Glass Cleaner
Glass & Multi Purpose cleaner that cleans glass, mirrors and other high-gloss surfaces with a streak free finish.
Room Care R3 Glass Cleaner
Glass & Multisurface cleaner, predosed, suitable for a wide variety of hard surfaces and glass.
D7 Suma Inox
Specially designed formula brings a sparkling shine to any stainless steel surface.
Not safe for food preperation surfaces.
Astonish Mould & Mildew
The mould & mildew remover has been specially formulated with a powerful bleach action to remove even the toughest mould and black mildew stains whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria and mould.
Astonish Multi Surface With Bleach
The Astonish multi surface cleaner with bleach is a powerful and versatile cleaner with the added benefits of bleach to kill germs and leave surfaces hygienically clean.

Laundry & Fabrics

Norsan Fresh Linen
A highly concentrated, double strength fragrance fabric conditioner that helps extend life of linen and ensures fresh laundry is easy to iron.
Norsan Non-Bio
A highly concentrated laundry liquid that contains a high level of optical brighteners.
This advanced and powerful formulation has the ability to achieve very high standards of processing, giving excellent results particularly at low temperatures.
Norsan Sanair
A phosphate free and biodegradable air conditioner that neutralises unpleasant odours leaving a lasting fresh fragrance.
Norsan Sanfresh
Phosphate free and biodegradable air conditioner that neutralises unpleasant odours leaving a lasting fresh fragrance.
Norsan Universal
A perfectly balanced detergent liquid.
Persil Non-Bio Laundry Tabs
Non-bio laundry tabs that are easy to use and deliver great results.
Horizon Bio Laundry Powder
Industrial Strength formula, 6.3Kg pack that provides 90 washes.
Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner
Hypoallergenic fabric conditioner for sensitive skin.
Horizon Light Laundry Cleaner
10L Light laundry detergent.
Clax Oxy - Oxygen Bleach Powder
Laundry destainer formulated for commercial healthcare and on-premises laundries.
Can be used for all types of fabrics except wool and nylon(polyamide) Best used in main wash at temperatures between 70 & 90 degrees.
Clax Revoflow Pro
Concentrated main wash detergent suitable for RevoFlow system.
Highly concentrated powder for professional laundries, suitable for all water hardness conditions.
Must be used with RevoFlow dosing System for problem free safe operation.
Clax Perfect
High Quality rice-based liquid starch, used for starching cotton bed sheets, table linen and polyester (VISA) table linen.
Clax RevoFlow Oxi
Highly concentrated, medium temperature activated bleach for fabric washing.
Dose using Clax RevoFlow Dosing System.
Horizon Bright Laundry De-Stainer
Designed to work at low temperature for effective de-staining.
Can also be used to kill C.diff and MRSA in the wash.
Horizon DeSoft Breeze
Suitable for use with most fabric types.
Excellent softening results.
Contains odour neutralising technology.
Persil Conc. Non Bio
Tough on Stain Removal, kind next to skin.
Clax Soft Fresh
Fabric softening liquid specially formulated for commercial and on-premises laundries.
Suitable for most types of fabrics.
Clax Sonril Laundry Destainer
Specially formulated for use in commercial, healthcare and on premises laundries.
Can be used on all fabrics except nylon and should be applied in the main wash at temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees.
Clax Revoflow DeoSoft Breeze
Super concentrated liquid fabric softener plus malodor neutralizing ingerdient to keep linens smelling fresh.
Dosing level is dependent on wash classification. Designed to beh automatically dispensed with Clax Revoflow Laundry System.
Bri Non-bio Laundry Powder
Mildly perfumed laundry powder for both hard and soft water.
Suitable for automatic and top-loading machines. Approximately 100 washes.
Vamoose Oxygenating Bleach Agent
Dedicated destaining powder. Specially formulated for pre-soaking prior to normal washing to aid stain removal and improve wash cycle results.
Astonish Spray & Starch
The Astonish starch spray has been specially formulated to make ironing of washable cottons and man-made fibres quicker and easier. Simply spray on to leave clothes crease-free & crisp.
Please note this product is not for use on flameproof or waterproofed fabrics, suede or velvet.
Astonish Fabric Freshener
The Astonish fabric refresher is specially formulated to neutralise unpleasant odours replacing them with a refreshing spring breeze scent for instant freshness.
For use on clothes, carpets, curtain and other hard to wash surfaces.
Daz Regular Washing Powder
Box contains enough powder for 82 washes
Weighs 5.3kg

Furniture & Carpets

AZPRO Professional Furniture Polish
Cleans, Polishes and Protects furniture in one action, excellent anti-static properties resist the attraction of dust.
TASKI R4 Furniture Polish
Non aerosol spray furniture polish for quick and easy maintenance of wood laminate hard surfaces.
Buffable for a high gloss finish.
Good Sense Breakdown
Uses detergents and bacterial cultures to break down organic matter, Can be used to remove stubborn odours from carpets.
Emergency use, sick and bile clean up powder for the removal of unsightly spillages typically used on all carpets, upholstery, furnishings and hard surfaces
Ideal for Social Care, Hospitals, Schools, Bars & Nightclubs, Surgeries, Catering Facilities, Hotels and Entertainment Venues
Astonish Leather Cleaner
The Astonish leather cleaner has been specially formulated to clean deep down, restoring the leather’s natural beauty. Gentle on surfaces conditioning and protecting from further damage, drying and cracking.

Air Fresheners

TASKI R5 Air Freshener
Cost-effective, water based air freshener. Features delightful floral perfume which rids off bad odours and freshens.
Tapi Deo Vacuum Air Freshener
A sachet of fragranced granules that once sucked up into the vacuum bag, freshens the room whilst vacuuming.
Glade Gel Air Freshener
Available in an array of fragrances
Cosmopolitan Air Freshener
Metered Air Freshener
Good Sense Refill
Boasts a pleasent atmosphere and pleasent fragrance, Refill for Diversey Good Sense odour control dispensers.