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Floor Products

Floor Strippers Floor Polishes Electro-Static Dissipaters Cleaners & Detergents

Floor Strippers

Highly concentrated, low foaming emulsion floor seal remover and heavy duty hard surface cleaner.
TASKI Tender Lift
Universal alkaline floor stripper.
CareFree Speed Stripper
A powerful, fast acting emulsion floor polish stripper,
suitable for removing all water based floor finish emulsions.

Floor Polishes

Hard & Fast
High solids metallised emulsion dressing
CareFree Maintainer
A fragraned neutral detergent with wax emulsion,
ideal to clean protected and non-protected floors.
CareFree Eternum
High gloss low maintenance floor polish.
Phosphate free and biodegradable floor treatment for worn and tired looking floors.
Jontec ESD Emulsion Polish
Suitable for conductive hard floors, delivers a rich gloss finish.
Phosphate free, biodegradable floor maintenance product.

Electro-Static Dissipaters

Jontec ESD F2K
Electro static dissipative floor polish.
Dissipates electric charges over any floor surface. Delivers a protective layer.
Jontec Destat
For cleaning floors coated with Jontec ESD or standard floors to increase electrostatic dissipation.

Cleaners and Detergents

Jontec 300
Neutral floor cleaner, low foaming,
suitable for machine and manual applications.
HardSurface Cleaner
Professional glass, mirror and hard surface cleaner.
formulated to cut through marks, smoke film, dust, grease and grime.
Phosphate free and biodegradable
Sani-CID Pure Eco SD
Concentrated, mildly-acidic cleaner specifically to remove soap scum and hard water deposits from
most washroom surfaces. Can be used for surfaces and floors.
CDX Plus
Highly concentrated, powerful low foaming floor degreaser and heavy duty cleaner.
Universal multi-purpose cleaner effectively removes all dirt, grease and grime
from any soiled surface leaving a lasting fragrance
A low foaming, all purpose carpet and upholstery cleaner / pre-spotter for general use
Suma Force D3.5
General purpose, solvenated degreaser suitable for heavily soiled surfaces in the kitchen,
such as floors, equipment, stove hoods and cooker tops.
Safe for short-term exposure to alluminium.
Suma D3 Break-Up
Ready to use degreaser for removal of fat, carbon and oil from kitchen equipment,
such as ovens, grills and floors.
Suma Multipurpose D2.3
General Purpose kitchen cleaner, suitable for hand dishwashing,
glass and floor cleaning.
Sprint Hard Surface Cleaner
Multi-purpose hard surface cleaner, ideal for cleaning unpolished floors and large surfaces.
Removes the toughest dirt and grime, washes away in seconds. Can be diluted.
Balanced detergent that is mild to the skin and cannot damage any surface.
D2 Suma Multi
Concentrated all purpose detergent for surfaces in food premises.
SmartDose Degragerm
>Highly innovative dosing system for all your daily cleaning needs. Used for cleaning floors and hard surfaces.
Carefree Stride
Neutral, Low foam detergent. Excellent emulsification of soil for scrubber dryers.
Flash All Purpose
All Purpose cleaner for cleaning all washable hard surfaces and floors.