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Floor Cleaning Equipment

Mops Handles & Fittings Squeegees Brushes, Brooms & Dustpan Sets Pads Buckets & Containers

Mops & Mop Heads

Kentucky Mop Head
For the internal cleaning floors such as hotels, houses, offices, hospitals, etc.
Available in 10, 12 and 16oz sizes.
Microfibre Mop Head
Microfibre Mop Head with Velcro backing and strands of silver to give the best possible cleaning results.
Dust Mop Head
Available as 60cm or 80cm
Unilav Side-Grip Disinfectant Tool
Comes with 500ml bottle for floor disinfectant liquids
Hygiemix Socket Mops
Produced from a unique 50/50 blend of bleached cotton and synthetic yarn for absorbency and strength.
Big White Exel Mop
A Big White Socket mop with the hard wearing 'Push-Fit' Exel fitting. Lightweight and absorbent leaving floors drier quicker.
Hygiemix Priaire Mop
Produced from a unique 50/50 blend of bleached cotton & synthetic yarn, these mops have looped ends with a 'StayFlat' sewn in band making these mops machine washable thus hygienic.

Handles & Fittings

Kentucky Handle
Comes with Metal Clip
Metal Kentucky Mop Clip
For Metal & Timber Handle
Plastic Kentucky Mop Holder
For use with Kentucky Mop heads (10, 12, 16oz)
Available in red, blue, yellow and green
Pocket Mop Holder
40x11cm plastic frame with lock system
For use with microfibre pocket mop head 40x13cm
Velcro Mop Holder
For use with velcro microfibre mop heads.
360 degrees maneuverability, 40cm length.
Abbey Hygiene Handles
Lightweight aluminium mop handle with colour coded grip, screw fitting to accept socket mops, hygiene brushware and squeegees.
Handles are: 137cm X 2.4cm or 125cm X 2.4cm
Exel Mop Handles
Lightweight aluminium handle with colour coded grip & easy push fitting for Exel Sockets.
Kentucky Mop Fittings
Colour coded plastic mop holder for Kentucky Mop Heads, The metal fittings is also for Kentucky Mop Heads but with wooden handle.
Standard Composite Handles
Colour-coded handles, has screw fitting to accept deluxe brooms/floor squeegees. All handles are: 120cm X 2cm
Wall Tidy
Keep your broom cupboards tidy with this high quality push and grip system. Accomodates 3 handles from 9mm to 35mm diameter.


Floor Squeegee Metal Frame
Floor Squeegee & Aluminium Handle
Colour: Blue
Floor Squeegees
Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Brushes, Brooms & Dustpan Sets

Hand Brush
Available as Soft or Stiff brissle.
Colours: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.
Dustpan Set
Available in Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.
Broom with Aluminium Handle.
Available with Stiff or Soft brissles.
12" or 18" Sizes,
Colours: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.
Lobby Dustpan Set.


Manual Pad Holder 12x25cm
Used before washing and wet cleaning to be able to remove very tough dirt much better thanks to the higher pressure on the surface
Small hooks under the frame help hold the pad
Manual Pad
Pads for the manual pad holder & floor cleaning tool.
Different colours define hardness of the pad.
White is less abrasive, Green is a little more abrasive,
Brown and Black are used for heavy duty.
Doodle Bug
Cleans both floor and skirting edge

Buckets & Containers

Hygiene Bucket
Available in Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.
King Speedy Mop Bucket & Wringer
Available in Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.
Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer
Available in Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.
Flexi Tub
40Litre Capacity
Silver Mop Bucket & Wringer
40Litre Capacity