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We offer a wide range of cleaners and sanitzers for all Washoom areas including sinks, toilets, floors, glass etc.


We offer a wide range of cleaning agents suitable for kitchen areas including:
• Surface Cleaners
• Sink Cleaners
• Washing Up Liquid
• Oven Cleaners
• Dishwasher Powder, Rinse aid & Cleaners
• Sanitiser & Degreasers


Wide range of Laundry Products available including:
• Laundry Powders
• Laundry Liquids
• Laundry Softenors
• Starch
• Salt
• Stain Removers
• Clothes Pegs


• Aerosal Air Freshners
• Metered Air Freshener dispenser available with re-fills

Chemical Control/ConcentrationSmartDose System

Divermite System
Comprised of the following D and R range products:

Kitchen Hygiene
• Divermite D1 plus : Manual Dishwashing Detergent
• Divermite D2 conc : All Purpose Cleaner
• Divermite D4a : Surface Sanitiser
• SUMA Bac-conc D10conc : Cleaner & Sanitiser

• TASKI R1-plus : Toilet Cleaner
• TASKI R2L-plus : Multi Surface Cleaner
• TASKI R3-plus : Glass Cleaner
• TASKI R5-plus : Air Freshener

Eco Cleaning Range

We are delighted to stock the Lilly’s Eco Cleaning range of products.
• Lilly’s Eco Cleaning Wash Up Liquid
• Lilly’s Eco Cleaning Citrus Spray Cleaner
• Lilly’s Eco Cleaning Eucalyptus Spray Cleaner
• Lilly’s Eco Cleaning Floor Cleaner
• Lilly’s Eco Cleaning Toilet Cleaner
• Lilly’s Eco Cleaning Degreaser

Protective Clothing

• Disposable Face Masks
• Disposable Over Shoes
• Gloves

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